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the wear resistance of electrospark coatings

the wear resistance of electrospark coatings

(PDF) Influence of Carbon Content of WC-Co Electrode

The electro-spark coating (ESC) technique provides a promising means of depositing wear resistant coatings that can potentially enhance the performance of these tools.Author A.A.BurkovPublish Year 2020Development and study of FeWMoCrBC metallic glassIt is shown that the FeWMoCrBC amorphous electrospark coatings improve wear resistance and microhardness of the steel 1035 in 2-4 times,respectively.In general,despite the significant differences in the composition of the electrode materials obtained from the coating of metallic glasses had very similar properties.Author Mieczyslaw ScendoPublish Year 201812345Next

Author S.A.Velichko,S.N.Sharifullin,I.S.Kuznetsov,A.V.Kolomeichenko,R.Y.Solovyev,I.N.KravcPublish Year 2020Investigations of Nanocrystalline Alloy Electrospark

Sep 01,2017·The article describes the properties of wear resistant electrospark coating made of nanocrystalline alloy of type 5CP (Finemet).It is proved that electrospark coating has nanocrystalline structure which is like amorphous matrix with nanocrystals - Fe.Coating thickness is 33 m,micro-hardness is 8461 - 11357 MPa,wear resistance is 0,55×10<SUP>4</SUP>s/g.CoatingAuthor Samat Mukanov,Marina Bychkova,Alexander Kudryashov,Mikhail PetrzhikPublish Year 2018Evaluation of the wear resistance and resource hardened by Sep 01,2020·The results of operational tests showed that the application of a wear-resistant electrospark coating of amorphous alloy grade 84KXSR with a thickness of 30 m and a track width of 2 mm on the cutting surfaces of the fingers of the headers of grain harvesters makes it possible to increase the resource from 1.4 to 2 times.Author Viacheslav Tarelnyk,Ievgen Konoplianchenko,Oksana Gaponova,Bogdan SarzhanovPublish Year 2020PAPER OPEN ACCESS Structural and tribologicalStructural and tribological properties of wear resistant coatings obtained by electrospark deposition To cite this article T Penyashki et al 2020 IOP Conf.Ser.Mater.

Cited by 12Publish Year 2015Author Xiang Hong,Yefa Tan,Chunhua Zhou,Ting Xu,Zhongwei ZhangEvaluation of Wear Resistance of Copper at Sliding against

An evaluation of the adhesion interaction of steel and TiC-based coatings formed by electrospark deposition using TiC based electrodes (SHIM mark) was carried out.Tribological tests of the samples were carried out using Pin-on-Disk testing machine.It is established that the least (0.07) coefficient of friction has a electrospark coating deposited of electrode material contained tungsten Cited by 13Publish Year 2016Author Xiang Hong,Yefa Tan,Xiaolong Wang,Ting Xu,Li GaoInfluence of Carbon Content of WC-Co Electrode Materials A.A.Burkov,S.A.Pyachin and A.V.Zaytsev,Influence of Carbon Content of WC-Co Electrode Materials on the Wear Resistance of Electrospark Coatings, Journal of Cited by 15Publish Year 2015Author Alexander A.Burkov,Sergey A.PyachinPERFORMANCE OF HIGH-SPEED FRICTION AND WEARthe CrNi3MoVA steel is 0.85-0.95 while that of the AlCoCrFeNi coating only 0.29-0.38,and the wear rate of the CrNi3MoVA steel is about 9.4 times that of the AlCoCrFeNi coating.The AlCoCrFeNi coating has an obvious anti-friction and wear resistance effect,which mainly attributes to the high mechanical properties and the formed oxide scale with

Cited by 1Publish Year 2017Author A V Kolomeichenko,I S Kuznetsov,A Yu Izmaylov,R Yu Solovyev,S N SharifullinIncreasing wear resistance of 30x13 stainless steel by

Increasing wear resistance of 30x13 stainless steel by electrospark alloying molybdenum + BrOF6.5-0.15,obtained by electrospark alloying method on 30X13stainless steel.At the load of 200 N was established dependence between the coating wear and its hardness,the higher the hardness,the smaller is the wear of the coating and vice versa Cited by 1Publish Year 2020Author T.Penyashki,D.Radev,M.K.Kandeva,G.KostadinovImprovement of Ti6Al4V-Alloy Wear Resistance by Electric Jan 25,2021·The average microhardness of TiHfC coatings was in the range of 7.18.3 GPa,which is 22.5 times higher than that of the Ti6Al4V alloy.Wear tests in dry sliding mode showed that TiHfC coatings had a wear rate in the range from 3.18 × 106 to 1.5 × 105 mm3/(N m),which is 25 to 250 times higher than that of Ti6Al4V titanium alloy.Cited by 20Publish Year 2015Author Kemal KorkmazMicrostructure and wear resistant performance of TiN/Zr Nov 15,2016·It can be inferred that for the single TiN coating and the composite coating,when the load is low (P < P c),the wear resistance of the coatings is primarily depending on the microhardness of the coating materials.During the friction and wear process,the coating surfaces suffer from the combined action of normal and shear stress,caused by the tribo-counterpart of GCr15 steel ball.

Cited by 21Publish Year 2015Author Tongkun Cao,Shuting Lei,Meng ZhangFormation of WCCo coating by a novel technique of

Sep 05,2015·The microabrasive-wear resistance of obtained coatings lies in the range of 2.84 kN m/mm 3 ,which is more than eleven times greater than that of the steel substrate (0.24 kN m/mm 3).The D coating has the highest wear resistance,and the A coating breaks down faster than other coatings in the abrasion tests.Cited by 2Publish Year 2007Author O.V.Stepanova,I.A.Podchernyaeva,A.D.Panasyuk,I.V.Uvarova,I.I.Timofeeva,A.A.RogozinsElectrospark Deposition of FenicrbsicMeb 2 Coatings on Jul 08,2020·The addition of TiB 2 and CrB 2 to the self-fluxing alloy increases the wear resistance of the electrospark coatings by four to five times as compared to the coatings produced from the commercial self-fluxing FeNiCrBSiB alloy (PG-Zh14 grade).Cited by 2Publish Year 2013Author Gao Yuxin,Yi JianEffect of the Composition and the Thermal Treatment on treatment on corrosion resistance of WC-Co coatings (without and with an addition of Al 2 O 3) on the C45 mild steel surface.The coatings were produced by the electrospark deposition (ESD) technique.The aggressive acidic chloride (1.2 M Cl-) environment was used for the testing of corrosion resistance

Cited by 2Publish Year 2016Author A.A.Burkov,S.A.Pyachin,A.V.Zaytsev,E.A.Kirichenko,M.A.Teslina,N.A.SyuyMicrostructure and tribological properties of Zr-based

Nov 01,2015·The coating has good friction-reducing and anti-wear properties.The friction coefficient of the coating changes between 0.13 and 0.21 with small fluctuation,decreasing about 60% compared to that of TC11 substrate.And the wear resistance of the coating isCited by 2Publish Year 2016Author A.A.BurkovFriction and Wear of Electrospark Coatings Made of This paper discusses the topical issue of the general compatibility of tribological pairs from the point of view of wear resistance when using various electrospark coatings.For investigation,steel segments were coated with bronze,Mo,and combined Ti + Al + C coatings by electrospark treatment.Coated segments and uncoated control segments were studied in a friction pair with an unhardened Cited by 3Publish Year 2020Author O.P.Umanskyi,M.S.Storozhenko,V.B.Tarelnyk,O.Yu.Koval,Yu.V.Gubin,N.V.Tarelnyk,T.V.KurinnAssessment of Hydroabrasive Wear Resistance of The work presented in this paper is devoted to the formation of thick-layer wear-resistant coatings by technologies based on electrospark alloying,an example of essential components hardening for the heavy-duty processing equipment operating under hydroabrasive wear conditions.The aim of the paper is to improve the manufacturing and repairing technologies for the helical surfaces of the

Cited by 4Publish Year 2012Author Alexander A.Burkov,Sergey A.Pyachin,Alexey V.ZaytsevPERFORMANCE OF FRICTION AND WEAR OF

tribological properties for its friction coefficient reduced about 75% and its wear resistance increased about 77% in contrast to the CrNi3MoVA steel.(Received April 29,2019; Accepted July 1,2019) Keywords Self-lubricating coating,Electrospark deposition,Ni-MoS 2,Friction and wear 1.IntroductionCited by 6Publish Year 2015Author Zhang Ruizhu,Li Jingrui,Yan Dakao,Zhao YuanyuanSuperior Wear-Resistance of Ti3C2Tx Multilayer Coatings MXene-coated specimens demonstrate a 6-fold friction reduction and an ultralow wear rate (4 × 10 9 mm 3 N 1 m 1) over 100 000 sliding cycles,outperforming state-of-the-art 2D nanomaterials by at least 200% regarding their wear life.High-resolution characterization verified the formation of a beneficial tribolayer consisting of thermally/mechanically degraded MXenes and amorphous/nanocrystalline ironEffect of La 2 O 3 Addition on Microstructure and Wear Dec 01,2013·Abstract.La 2 O 3 doped Ni-based coatings have been prepared by electrospark deposition technique.The effect of La 2 O 3 on the microstructure,hardness and wear behavior of the as-prepared Ni-based coatings is investigated by using X-ray diffractometer,scanning electron microscope,wear tribometer and Vickers hardness tester.Results indicates that the microstructure,hardness and wear

Effect of Microrelief of Electrospark Coatings on

the formation of non-continuous coatings of a certain microrelief will increase the wear resistance of the surface layer [3,4].In the work,the stress-deformable state of the coatings with ESA,the effect of the micro-relief of the electrospark coatings on the adhesive strength and wear resistanceEffect of electrospark alloying on the wear resistance of Jan 03,2007·The inserts have an electrosparkdeposited coating based on the AlN-Ti/ZrB2 system with Ti/ZrSi2 additions and the TiN-AlN system.These results allow one to infer the possible causes of different wear resistance of cutting inserts with electrospark-deposited coatings.Effect of electrospark alloying on the wear resistance of Nov 01,2007·These results allow one to infer the possible causes of different wear resistance of cutting inserts with electrospark-deposited coatings.Among such causes are intensive oxidation of titanium (unlike zirconium) during electrospark alloying followed by the formation of brittle oxide phases and the shielding effect of ZrO 2 (it prevents globules from destruction during both alloying and service).

Electrospark Coatings Based on WC-Co Alloys with

The abrasive wear resistance of the electrospark coatings was measured by a Calotest friction machine (CSM Instruments,Switzerland) using the ball-plate scheme [11].A ball with a diameter of 30 mm was ro- tated at a linear velocity of 0.27 m/s.Aluminium oxideImages of the Wear Resistance of Electrospark Coatings imagesStructural and tribological properties of wear resistant The article presents the results of experimental studies on wear resistant coatings from hard alloys bazed of WC,TiN and TiC applied onto carbon steel C45,tool steel 210Cr12 and high speed steel Influence of Carbon Content of WC-Co Electrode66 Influence of Carbon Content of WC-Co Electrode Materials on the Wear Resistance of Electrospark Coatings samples (which were induced by the plasticizer evapora- tion and burning out of carbon

Investigation and characterization of electrospark

Jun 25,2015·The results indicate that the coating consists of fairly hard Cr 7 C 3 and Cr 0.19 Fe 0.70 Ni 0.11 phases and the wear resistance of steel substrate,which is coated by using ESD process,is noticeably enhanced under dry sliding wear conditions.Mechanical Properties of WC-8Co Wear-Resistant Coating on Jul 01,2015·The wear resistance was studied by friction and wear test of HT-600,and wear loss was analyzed by an accuracy of 10 -4 g electronic analytical balance of AEL-200.2 Results and Discussion 2.1 Microstructure of the cladding coating Fig.1 shows typical cross-section micrographs of the coating produced by electro-spark cladding.Structural and tribological properties of wear resistant Jan 01,2020·In the present work,a new type of wear-resistant coatings obtained on steels by non-contact Electrical Spark Deposition (ESD),using a rotating electrode has been studied.Multicomponent electrodes for ESD containing WC-Co,Ni-Cr-B-Si semi-self-fluxing alloys and additives of superhard and refractory compounds of B 4 C and TiB 2 > have been obtained by the methods of mechanochemistry


electrospark alloying method on 45steel were studied.Tests data with rollers made of steel C45 HRC 50-52 and steel 30CrMnSiA HRC 38-42 showed,that molybdenum coatings were the most wear resistant.Tests with rollers made of steel 30Cr13 HRC 43-45 showed that wear resistant of chromium coatings was highest.During the workThe friction and wear behavior of Cu/Cu-MoS2 self May 25,2015·Cu/Cu-MoS 2 self-lubricating coatings were prepared on high speed steel (HSS) by electrospark deposition (ESD).The friction and wear behavior of the coating was studied.The results show that the self-lubricating coatings have better wear resistance than uncoated HSS.The friction and wear properties depend on the deposition conditions.Wear resistance of electrospark WCC coatings with Aug 11,2016·Wear resistance of electrospark WCC coatings with different iron contents A.A.Burkov 1 Journal of Friction and Wear volume 37 ,pages 385 388 ( 2016 ) Cite this article

Wear-Resistant Layered Electrospark Coatings Based on ZrB 2

It is shown that the wear resistance of these electrospark-deposited coatings is 1.6 to 3 times higher in fretting corrosion in unlubricated friction as compared with the conventional WC + 3% Co electrosparkelectrosparkWear Resistance Cast Iron Parts OEM ADI Castings Supplier As one of the leading Wear Resistance Cast Iron Parts OEM ADI Castings Supplier China manufacturers and suppliers,our company has the best foundry technique.Please rest assured to buy high quality Wear Resistance Cast Iron Parts OEM ADI Castings Supplier China at